Caity Flanagan

Somatic Life Coaching | Shamanic Healing | Sacred Plant Medicine for Unearthing the Wisdom of the Body, Heart & Soul

Caity Flanagan is a Somatic Life Coach & Educator, Tantric Meditation Teacher, Modern-Day Medicine Woman & Holistic Herbalist devoted to supporting her client's unearth their life's purpose and wisdom of their body & hearts. 

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Connect to the medicine within

and the medicine all around

The Experience

In this 5-part series we will journey to discover and embody the medicine of the elements through guided somatic and shamanic meditations. Each week you'll receive your own elemental journey and soul-work right to your inbox.

The Details

The journey begins on:

1/31/18 with the full moon and element of E A R T H

2/7/18 we will dive in with W A T E R

2/14/18 we will ignite with F I R E

2/21/18 we will explore with A I R // S P I R I T

2/28/18 we will integrate the elements into the H E A R T


Each week a guided meditation journey will be emailed to your inbox along with elemental soul-work to engage with and to deepen your journey

*This (free) journey is my gift to you and a taste of the larger body of work that I create through my work as a somatic coach and modern-day medicine women.

If you're called to dive in deeper or explore with me more you can book an exploratory call with me below

May you always find

the medicine you need 

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