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E M B O D I M E N T  

A 3 month somatic coaching exploration of the body, heart, and soul

The Experience

This 3 month journey will take you through 3 modules that lay the foundation for a deep, embodied experience and understanding of somatic coaching.

Moving through the voices of the Body - Heart - Soul you'll gain a personal and working knowledge of the liberation, healing, and radical transformation somatic coaching creates. 



In this first month and foundation of the course you will learn about the science of somatic psychology and coaching, how the nervous system works, and  the intersections of trauma healing and somatic coaching. Additionally, in your  personal coaching work you will be exploring the many voices of the body and learning how to discern between fear, desire, creativity, heart, and the essence of who you are. This module is about grounding, increasing our ability to be with high sensations, and reclaiming our physical experience. 



This module explores the intelligence of the heart. We will dive into science behind how the heart functions as a brain and messenger for the nervous system. How heart entrainment, and heart-rate variability effect our somatic experience. We will also learn and explore using the heart as the primary organ of sensing and the somatic of vulnerability. In this module we learn to choose from the heart first and how to deeply embody and experience deeper intimacy, vulnerability, connection, and love. 



 The Soul or Spirit Modular is about integrating our work and learning how to be of service to the world and to act in ways that are aligned with the callings of our soul. We learn about somatic coaching from a spiritual lens, dive deep into embodiment and tantric meditation, shamanic journeying and soul retrieval. By the end of this module you will know your life's purpose and be ignited, ready to pursue the path of your calling. 

As a part of this course you will receive: 

- 1 monthly group class on the art & science of somatic coaching

-  1 group Q&A call to support you further  and connect you to the group   

- 3 private somatic coaching calls to directly experience this work 

- Access to a private Facebook group and growing community of somatic beings 

- An expansive reading and resource list for your journey

- Guided meditations and soul work for you to dive into each month 

- Handouts and worksheets to use each month and keep for yourself 

- A discount on additional courses, workshops, and my intensives & retreats 

Who Is This Course For? 

Those who are curious and called to experience MORE. More intimacy, more vulnerability, more connection, more wisdom, more sensation, more fulfillment, more love, more purpose, more of who they truly are. 

This course is open to folks of all levels and professions. No prior coaching experience or backgrounded needed. If you have a body, you can speak the language of somatics! 

*This course is co-ed and open to folks of all gender expressions

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The Details

* Course Dates To Be Announced *

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All group somatic coaching classes will be 2 to 2.5 hours long and will take place from 7-9:30pm EST. Group Q&A calls will be 45minutes to an hour.  Individual coaching calls will be scheduled one-on-one and take place on a weekly basis.


All calls will take place on a private Zoom conference call

(details sent out at registration). 


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Space is limited to 8 participants

& an exploratory call is required before registration


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