Caity Flanagan

Sacred Sexuality | Somatic Coaching | Earth-Based Wisdom & Healing

Tantric Coaching for Men 


In my work with men as a tantric Dankini, I work with and as the erotic feminine to support men in:

awakening to the true potency of their sexual energy

unleash their warrior hearts

and to live fully into their sacred masculine purpose in the world. 


This work is for you if you're ready to: 

Experience deep love and intimacy (everywhere in your life)

Feel comfortable and confident in your body and sexuality 

Break through your fears and release old patterns 

Let go of judgement around sexual performance and to understand how to work with your body in love making 

Learn how to be an epic lover by integrating your heart into your sexuality(And learning lots of fun skills) 

Have powerful, deep, connected conversations about your emotions and needs with your partners 

Learn Tantric Skills And Practices you can integrate into your everyday life

Add a dimension of spirituality to your sexuality and to infuse this into your whole life  

Interested in diving in?

This work touches upon the whole being and is especially potent in the realms of: 

 Sex & Intimacy

Creating Epic Relationships (In All Forms)

Emotional Facility & RESILIENCY

Understanding Your Life's Purpose

Leadership & Mission-Driven Work

Living Fully, Nakedly, and Powerfully! 

 Sessions are 90 minutes to 2 hours in my private studio or the comfort of your home. Each session is emergent and created to meet your unique needs 

Sessions may include:  

Somatic Experiencing & Coaching 

Guided Meditation 

Tantric Breath-work & Embodiment Practices 

Consensual, Playful, Therapeutic Touch 

Intimacy & Relationship Coaching 

Sex Education 

Consent & Boundary Work 

Shamanic Journeying & Healing 

All parts of you are welcome in this work, including the parts of you that have been shamed, othered, cast out, unwelcome, or that you've been told to hide because they don't fit into the definitions of "being a man". 

These parts of you are fodder for deep alchemy and will become your gold.