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N O U R I S H I N G  T H E  F E M I N I N E 

a somatic and shamanic retreat for women

in Nosara, Costa Rica - January 27th to February 2nd 2018


Come touch upon the heart beat of the Earth

Gather in sacred circle and come home to yourself 

Re-wild your body - untether your heart - come alive with the elements 

Come undone to be re-birthed 

Nourish your Divine Feminine body - heart - soul 

Nourishing the Feminine is a somatic and shamanic retreat for women and is a sacred container for rebirth, remembering, & awakening in the jungle's embrace

Join modern-day medicine woman and somatic life coach, Caity Flanagan for this intimate, powerful, and magical retreat in the jungle of Nosara, Costa Rica. 

For 7 days you will be held in the earth's embraced, supported by sacred circle of women, live and breath every moment in ceremony and magic as you, unlock the voice of your soul, somatically re-write the stories in your body, reconnect to the wisdom of nature, and feed yourself with Divine Feminine Spirit 


During this retreat you will experience:

- Shamanic journeys to the Heart - Womb - Soul 

- How to embody Shakti through ancient Tantric texts 

- Plant spirit journeys, connecting to the Earth's vibrational medicine 

- Discover your life's purpose (yes really your life's purpose)

- Dance around a sacred fire under the Full Moon 

- Sit in a Red Tent to explore Pussy Magic  & the mysteries of the womb 

- Daily Cacao Ceremonies and Journey Dance! 

- Daily beach trips (with the option to surf!)

- Daily guided meditation & morning movement classes (yoga & dance)

- Rituals and ceremonies for tapping into pleasure as medicine 

- Receive the  Rites of the Womb (13th Rite of Munay’Ki)

There is so much more magic that will unfold during our time together, for now let me leave you with this and a knowing that you will find the medicine you need on this retreat. The Costa Rica Yoga Spa and Nosara, Costa Rica are beautiful, sacred, and powerful vortexes for deep healing and rebirth. 

The Details

Where: The Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara, Costa Rica (see pictures below) 

When: January 27th to February 2nd 

Check in Saturday, Jan. 27th at 3pm - Check out Friday, Feb. 2nd at 3pm 

Accommodations at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa

Shared Quad Room: early bird pricing of $1700 / full price of $1850

Jr. Suite Room (2 queen beds & 1 twin bed): EB price $2000 / full price $2250

Private Room (1 queen bed & 1 twin bed):  EB price $2250 / full price $2500


Early Bird Pricing includes 2 complimentary somatic coaching sessions

with Caity ($450 value) that can be scheduled anytime! 

Please make sure to email before sending in your deposit for the retreat

Early Bird Pricing Closes November 24th - Registration Closes January 5th

In addition to the retreat, your stay at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa includes: 

3 healthy meals a day which are primarily vegetarian, organic, locally produced, and gourmet. 

Free WiFi and internet (although we recommend you stay unplugged)

1 beach trip per day - 1 yoga class per day

For more information and pictures of the accommodations go HERE

Getting Here

During high-season flights to Costa Rica are quite accessible from major US cities. Make sure to book ahead of time to get the best price. 

From Liberia (LIR) to Nosara, Costa Rica: book a private or shared shuttle through Gypsy Cab. It is about a 2 hour drive and  they will take you right to the Costa Rica Yoga Spa! 

From San Jose to Nosara: I recommend flying directly to Nosara's local airport and then taking a Tuk-Tuk directly to the Costa Rica Yoga Spa (you will need cash to pay for this and to speak some Spanish).  

Please note all deposits for the retreat are non-refundable.

Retreat pricing includes 3 meals a day, daily yoga class, daily trips to the beach, and your accommodations. This price does not include transportation for arrival or departure or additional activities, body work, or meals. 

Please email with any questions