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Plant Spirit Medicine Messages 

Plant Spirit Medicine Messages & Oracle Readings

Commune with & meet your plant spirit guides using intuitive plant spirit based oracle & energy readings to find the medicine you need. Using plant spirit oracle cards, energy work, and plant spirit healing you'll discover the plant allies you carry with you and different ways to work with plant medicine on a somatic and energetic levels based off of your unique being. 

What is Plant Spirit Healing?

Plant Spirit Healing is a shamanic practice of working directly with the consciousness and healing properties of a plant being. This healing works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body to enhance our wellbeing, self-awareness, and connection to our soul selves.

 In-person and at-home sessions can be arranged for client's located in the NYC-area, Connecticut, and Nosara, Costa Rica

To book a session or if you have questions please email:

Plant Spirit Medicine Messages & Oracle Reading Rates

30 minutes - In Person - $50 

30 minutes - Distance Reading - $45