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Reiki Healing Sessions

Flood your body with healing energy through the ancient art of Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki translates from Japanese to ‘universal life energy.’ It is a harmonizing, high vibration, energy that has its own natural intelligence to purify and heal the body. Reiki works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, helping to bring us back to our natural state of peace and wellbeing. Transmitted through gentle touch or through distance healing, Reiki has the ability to comb out the restore through balancing, smoothing, soothing, and calming our energetic body.

In-person and at-home sessions can be arranged for client's located in the NYC-area, Connecticut, and Nosara, Costa Rica

To book a session or if you have questions please email:

Reiki Healing Session Rates

In-Person - 60 minutes - $120

Distance Reiki - 60 minutes - $95


Reiki For Collective Healing 

A monthly day of healing for ourselves and the world

Each month I offer a day of donation-based reiki sessions, as well as, an online group reiki circle that gathers with the intention of spreading more love in the world. Reiki  is a beautiful healing gift that connects us to the inherent love and goodness of the universe. It can help to heal us emotionally, spiritually, and physically, touching upon each of the bodies that we occupy. If you are in need of extra healing support and cannot afford a full session I encourage you to sign up for a donation based session and to receive the medicine that you need. 


To sign up for a private, donation-based reiki session please go here: 

Details of how to connect for our session and to send in your donation will be emailed to you after signing up. 


If you are a reiki practitioner and interested in joining the collective healing circle please connect with me here: 

You can also email directly with any questions you may have or to join the circle. 

Reiki practitioners you can join our Facebook group here: