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S A C R E D  C Y C L E S 

A 4 part series on the magic, medicine, and wisdom of connecting to our cycles and manifesting with the moon 

The Experience

Share in the wisdom and magic of connecting to the lunar cycle and our moon cycle. This trauma-informed class will weave together herbal medicine, astrological teachings, wise woman traditions, and guided meditation to support you in deepening/healing/recreating and loving your moon cycle. We will gather once a week for a full moon cycle to co-create a mystical and supportive experience.

We will dive deep into: 

Observing & Working with the Lunar Cycle
(and learning how to manifest with the moon!) 

Goddess Traditions & Archetypal Energy
(discovering your guides and the goddesses within)   

Honoring Our Moon Cycles & Blood Rights
(including sustainable menstruation practices) 

Sacred Sexuality & Embodiment Practices
(with an intensive on yoni eggs and crystal magic) 

Plant Medicine for Nurturing the Feminine Body & Spirit
(such as yoni steaming, herbal elixirs, and plant-based rituals) 

Tantric Meditation & Shamanic Journeying
(to meet and work with kundalini energy and the magic of the womb) 

Somatic Practices for Re-Writing Our Stories
(discovering and embodying liberation)  

As a part of this circle you will receive: 

- 4 weekly calls with a badass group of women

(each call will be recorded for you to revisit and keep)

- 1 private somatic coaching session to support your experience

- Access to a private Facebook group and growing community of women

- An expansive reading and resource list for your journey

- Guided rituals, ceremonies, and soul work for you to dive into

- Handouts and worksheets to use each month

- A discount on my upcoming divine feminine retreat

Ridiculously amazing support and the experience of steeping in your own magic! 

Who Is This Journey For? 

The curious, the mystics, the healers, the priestess, the goddesses, the wild women, the witches, the knowledge seekers, the earth poets, the mothers, the lovers, the herbalists, the wise women, the hungry women, all those that identify as women* who are called to explore, heal, understand, and honor the wisdom of the body, the mysteries of the womb, and our direct ties to the moon & earth. 

The Details

This journey dates will be announced shortly.

In the meantime please email for course details and to be included in registration for the next round. 

All calls will be 2 hours long and will be from 7-9pm EST and will take place on a private Zoom conference call (details sent out at registration). 

"I am a woman with hollows and hips
that are home to my ancestors stories. 
Locked in the marrow of my bones
and curled around my heart,
They carve scars and paint stories
on the walls of my ribcage, 
begging me to make art from their pain.
And each moon that I bleed
letting Shakti fall on the earth
I can feel their grip loosen
as I whisper from the womb, 
"It is safe,
let us not live in fear, 
but embody love".

The Sacred Cycles Journey by Caity