Caity Flanagan

Modern Day Medicine Woman | Alchemist of the Heart | Rebel Mystic | Devoted to the Mysteries & Callings of the Soul

Tantric Meditation 

Tantric meditation allows us to walk the path of intimacy & the heart.

Expanding the richness of our human experience

Tantric Meditation Sessions

Each session will be a journey back home to yourself; to your heart; desires; what you love most in the world. Tantric meditation allows us to work with the senses as a "gateway" in to our bodies, where the wisdom & longings of our heart lives. These journeys are a way to connect to the “medicine” you need, to heal and restore the (w)holy self.

This will not be an hour of sitting still on a meditation cushion, each session is unique to your needs, a full embodied experience, and ends with the healing touch of Reiki.

How to book a Tantric Meditation Session

Sessions are offered at Antidote Apothecary & Tea Bar

(200 Franklin St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

Private in-home  or distance healing sessions can be arranged as well.

To book a session please email:

Tantric Meditation Session Rates

30 or 60 minute sessions available

$120 for private in-person 60 minute session