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Sacred Feminine Revolution

Women's March & The Wild Calling: A Sacred Feminine Revolution

The work that comes after the march is the work of The Wild Calling journey. This course is for women who feel the call to Rise Up with support and in community. It is a course for women who feel the call of their souls to learn how to skillfully be a part of the sacred feminine revolution. The Wild Calling is for women to find their power, purpose, healing, voice, and ways to be of service in the world. And this course is open to ALL women! I am opening this circle wider than 13 women and allowing it to grow into as big of a revolution and circle as possible. If you feel called the course is open to you. If money is a restriction, time, fear, let's talk and make this happen for you. Please reach out to me at to begin your journey.

Posted by Caity Flanagan on Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kali Ma and the Sacred Feminine Revolution


My heart is breaking open and a fire is burning inside. I have been crying, bleeding, praying, and screaming on and off since last night about the violence that is taking place at Standing Rock. I I know this energy is Kali pulsing and moving and calling us forth. I know the anger I feel is not just mine, but the earth's. I know the tears I cry are not just mine, but the waters. We desperately need to talk about the feminine. We need to rise up in the face of all of this violence and destruction. We need to gather to heal and support one another. We need to pray, to protest, to give, to be of service to the earth and to each other.

So here is the story of Kali Ma; her rage & her love. Le me share with you the invitation and power of surrender to the feminine that have come in to my life again and again. And learn how to use all of this energy skillfully and from a place of love.

Let us dance in the fire of the feminine so we can shape our worlds. This is the work of The Wild Calling - a 9 month journey and initiation into the sacred feminine. If you feel called to this work please email or read more here

Full Moon Medicine: Super Moon in Taurus

Last night's full moon medicine & musings. Listen in to learn about tarot, plant spirit medicine, crystal magic, herbal wisdom, and for a meditation to guide you to know all parts of you. The intention of this meditation is to connect us to our wholeness and to balance our light & shadow so that we can show up in integrity, power, purpose, compassion, and love. 

Her snake belly

whispers to me


Once again I find myself

faced with the choice

to let fear consume me

or devotion swallow me


- answering the call of the Goddess

whisper to me sweetly

with your forked tongue

luring me into the belly

of snake women's medicine.

there is a rebirth

found in your willingness

to be swallowed whole.

- surrender

Can you hold you heart 

tender enough 

to let it do its job 

of growing ten times 

bigger than your chest 

and infinitely larger 

than you ever imagined? 

Your tenderness and vulnerability 

is more of a turn on 

than even the most passionate 

of foreplay. 


Share your brilliance with my mind 

and my heart will undress right before your eyes. 


You always know 

how to make me come