Caity Flanagan

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Intimacy and Writing

I've begun writing poetry, for the first time in many years.

The words are coming in to me so clearly.

Pulsing out through my finger tips, whispered from my lips, often before I even have a moment to consciously review them. 

This "unconscious" writing, or rather writing from consciousness, essence, my deep, juicy, raw soul is an act of healing of re-birth and death.  

It is the embodiment of transformation. 

My writing is for myself. The words are gentle reminders from my heart. Words that help to guide me back home, when I spin away from my center. 

While the poetry I write is a series of loving reminders for me and by me, it feels pertinent to share them with all of you. 

One of my mentors, Coby Kozlowski, always reminds us to do the thing that scares us the most. That fear is an indicator of something BIG waiting for us on the other side. She encourages us to explore the what value comes from sharing, connecting, being vulnerable and intimate with others and life. 

To share these words for me is an act of

                                                            I N T I M A C Y. 

It is one of the most intimate things I have ever done. 

These words are flowing to me because of the beautiful and at times painful transition I find myself in currently.

Sharing this is one way of allowing myself to be seen when I do not feel "I have it all together" or that I am "doing things right". My life feels messy and (perfectly) imperfect at this moment. 

This is a poignant time to practice being human, to let myself be seen,  and to share from my heart. 

Intimacy creates space for connection. The type of connection that bonds souls for a life time, connection that reminds us we are all simply human. 

So you beautiful humans, here are some of my words, an intimate look in to my  messy, wild, raw heart, that feels 10 times too big for my chest these day.

Please hold these words tenderly, let them move you, inspire you,  and go boldy write your own. 

With love,