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Sacred Feminine Revolution

Women's March & The Wild Calling: A Sacred Feminine Revolution

The work that comes after the march is the work of The Wild Calling journey. This course is for women who feel the call to Rise Up with support and in community. It is a course for women who feel the call of their souls to learn how to skillfully be a part of the sacred feminine revolution. The Wild Calling is for women to find their power, purpose, healing, voice, and ways to be of service in the world. And this course is open to ALL women! I am opening this circle wider than 13 women and allowing it to grow into as big of a revolution and circle as possible. If you feel called the course is open to you. If money is a restriction, time, fear, let's talk and make this happen for you. Please reach out to me at to begin your journey.

Posted by Caity Flanagan on Saturday, January 21, 2017