Caity Flanagan

Sacred Sexuality | Somatic Coaching | Earth-Based Wisdom & Healing

Photography by  Frances F. Denny

Photography by Frances F. Denny

Caity Flanagan is a somatic sex & intimacy coach, embodiment educator, ceremonialist, sensual herbalist and Tantric practitioner dedicated to supporting others on their journey of radical embodiment, sensual awakening, and coming home to the Heart. She is passionate about creating a world free of sexual trauma and is dedicated to birthing a new paradigm of integrative, holistic sexuality and healed relations between the masculine, feminine, and the Earth.

She is the co-founder of Embodied Erotic and is the founder of Serpent & Rose, communities dedicated to sharing the teachings of sacred sexuality as pathways to trauma healing and awakening. Caity has spent the last 4+ years teaching about earth-based ritual healing and ceremony, elemental and plant-based medicine, somatic coaching, trauma healing, and Tantra, all as practices that lead us towards, embodiment, sensual awakening, and the path of the Heart.

Her personal written works have been feature in numerous international channels. In private practice she offers tantric and somatic coaching devoted bridging the divide between the feminine and the masculine. In addition to her work in private practice, she also runs an animistic and mystical herbalism school, called “The Earth Keeper’s Medicine” that is focused on teaching plant-spirit communication, repairing our relationship to the natural world and waking up to remember that you are already the medicine you need.

Her forthcoming experiential offering: "The Shakti Series" will be the public unveiling of six years of study and private practice. It will be the first synthesis of healing work that exist at the intersection of tantric practices, trauma informed somatic healing, and shamanic plant medicine.


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