Caity Flanagan

Modern Day Medicine Woman | Alchemist of the Heart | Rebel Mystic | Devoted to the Mysteries & Callings of the Soul

Caity Flanagan has been in deep communion with the plant & spirit world since a young age. Her passion and connection to the nature has lead her down the path of becoming a trained herbal practitioner and educator, life and leadership coach, plant spirit healer, medicine woman, intuitive healer and Reiki II practitioner, and the creator of Love and Alchemy. Caity weaves together the sutras of the heart, with the wisdom of the sacred feminine, grounding her work in the plant world. Her work in this lifetime is to be a catalyst for deep healing, transformation, and to offer radical permission for people to discover what is possible when they connect intimately with themselves, the natural world, and wisdom of the body.

Caity’s background includes her Level 3 herbal practitioner certification through Twin Star’s School of Herbal & Energetic Studies. In addition to her undergraduate degree in Holistic Herbalism from Goddard College, she has completed over 500 hours of training as a holistic, certified herbalist. Caity also works with the modalities of tantric meditation, studying “The Radiance Sturas” under Dr. Lorin Roche, Camille Maureen, & Coby Kozlowski. Caity’s communication with the plant and spirit world has led her to study and intuitively lead shamanic journeying work through a plant spirit lens. In addition, Caity is also studied in the wise woman healing traditions and medicine woman ways, having completed Lupo Passero’s “Spiral Path: Medicine Woman apprenticeship”.

Her deep love for the human experience & heart has culminated in becoming a trained ontological life coach and Caity has woven together over 300 hours of leadership training, including graduating from Accomplishment Coaching’s rigorous and internationally renown, yearlong training program. She has created an embodied coaching practice that support people in discovering their soul calling, what lights their worlds on fire, and how to live in integrity and alignment with their purpose.

Caity regularly holds workshops and events throughout the U.S., traveling to bring plant medicine and wisdom teachings from the natural world to various communities and cities. She works privately coaching clients through her embodied coaching practice and also privately teaches tantric meditation. Caity offers mentorships, as well as, on-going classes on ceremonial plant medicine & holistic herbalism in upstate New York and the Bay Area. Caity is also a writer, poet, and seasoned farmer with over 12 years experience working with the land. You can find out more about Caity & her work at: or at