Caity Flanagan

Tantra | Somatic Coaching | Shamanic Healing | Plant Medicine

G R A T I T U D E 

For all who make this work possible.

Who model integrity and spirit.

Who hold & support me on this path. 

To My Teachers

Coby K. 

Dana Regan

Lorin Roche

Camille Maureen

Lupo Passero

Whapio Bartlett

Pam Montgomery

Erica Spring

Stephen Anderson

Louiza Megan

To Sacred Places

Goddard College

Kripalu Center

Sweetwater Sanctuary 

Twin Star School of Herbal & Energetic Studies

Accomplishment Coaching


To the plant nation and all your spirits.

To the ones that run, fly, swim, and slither on the earth. 

To my family & ancestors. To all who have walked this path before me. 

To Spirit and all the forms you take, thank you for calling me.