Caity Flanagan

Sacred Sexuality | Somatic Coaching | Earth-Based Wisdom & Healing

On Caity's somatic coaching work: 

Caity cracked me open like a nut. After searching for my purpose in every nook and cranny it came to me within 5 minutes that my life purpose is love and to be in service. I now ask ‘am I doing this in service in love?’ if the answer is no, then its not the road for me. My life has changed in so many amazing ways. If anyone is thinking of working with Caity to find their life purpose I absolutely advocate that you do
— - Leah Flaunty
One of Caity’s first questions that I will never forget (and will continue to repeat over and over again when I describe my experience in being coached by Caity) was, “What if there was nothing about you to fix?”.

Believe it or not, this simple, direct and powerful question changed my life.

It changed my perception about who I am and the world around me. There is nothing to fix because I am whole as I am. I lived my entire life hoping and working toward fixing myself.

Caity held me accountable for my actions and also my desire to connect to myself and to experience life from my heart.

Her determination and skillful way to instill confidence and self-awareness was smooth. I found Caity’s sense of calmness to be contagious.

She was understanding, supportive and stood up for my goals, even when I refused to move forward.

I highly recommend Caity because working with her changed my life.
— Alison Reynoso, Life Coach
Coaching has given me a perspective that I never had before. This perspective has helped me to normalize many of the struggles I’ve been through and still carry with me. Coaching has helped me to realize that I CAN identify what I want, and that I can make a plan to achieve it. It has given me a process for listening to my heart.

Caity is a warm, understanding, and insightful person. She knows how when to give guidance, or to demand more of her client, or to simply offer support and compassion. She has helped me identify what I care about and to develop constructive ways of achieving it. Caity gives complete focus during every call, and she learns who you truly are as your relationship grows.
— Glen, Data Analytics Consultant

On Caity's plant medicine work: 

We meet many people in our lifetime but there are few who stand out, because they touch us on a multi-layered level and leave their impressions with us. Caity Flanagan is one of those souls.

I met Caity during my first Hour of Happiness at The Alchemist’s Kitchen. I also attended one of her Practical Herbalism classes, an open roundtable discussion about select herbs and tonics. 

It was clear to me Caity possessed a unique set of qualities that made her great at her work. Firstly, she’s an excellent communicator and owns an authentic love for her craft. Not only does she ask questions to learn about others, but she also openly shares her enthusiasm for the many plants she holds dear. The exuberance makes her light up when she talks about her favorite herbs or crystals, and I’ve observed peers around me receive influence from the energy she gives off; they enjoy their stay and I’ve personally experienced the increase in connection to the plants as she describes their qualities. 

Caity can take a collection of herbs and explain their attributes without hesitation. She also knows how to engage groups when the members do not know each other. Her heart-centered approach keeps the
communication lines open so you leave the space refreshed, with clarity and curious to learn more. 

In this short time I’ve come to know Caity, I recognize she’s a giver who doesn’t hesitate to share resources and knowledge that can add value to the people she meets. 

If you happen to cross paths with Caity, be prepared to have your heart chakra opened and insight into the world of plant spirit medicine uplifted.
— Trent Rhodes, Educational Architect & Literary Artist

On Caity's course, The Wild Calling 

Caity created an a beautiful community of women from across the country and allowed us to create a circle of intimacy and safety. She showed up fully on every call and created amazing journeys and soul work for us. The skills and magic I found within myself throughout these nine months are invaluable!
— - Lindsey, College Admissions Counselor & Poet
The Wild Calling has provided the impetus to carve out time and space to meet with other women who totally get it. We have shared many similar experiences and can empathize with and support one another because of it. It has been such a beautiful experience to be heard, understood, and held no matter what state I had been in at the times of our meetings.
— Sarah, Reiki Master & Nutritional Wellness Coach
I signed up for The Wild Calling thinking it was mainly going to be about herbalism and plant medicine. It was so much more, and I’m so thankful that I was part of it. It gave me the support, structure, and accountability I needed to explore my stories, thoughts, and emotions and to really trust myself again on a deep, core level.
— Lily, Organic Farmer & Herbalist